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Our Services


We primarily work inside the greater Atlanta area but we are more than happy to travel to your location! Our travel fee is $2 for every mile outside the perimeter. It will be applied to your appointment after we confirm. Please refer to our Travel Fee page for more info!

Original Faux Tan- $75 Our classic Faux Tan develops over 10-12 hours leaving you glowing for up to a week.

City Tan- $85 This product is great for the person with a busy schedule who doesn't want to worry about the wait time to shower off. Our City Tan offers the same great glow as our original without the down time. Rinse between 1-4 hours, depending on color, and you can go about your day! Your tan will develop over 10-12 hours. 

Bridal Package- $130 Your package includes a trial tan before your wedding and a wedding tan a few days before the big day! All colors customizable!

Bubbles & Bronzing- A group tan with complimentary champagne! Perfect for bridal parties, girls nights in, moms meet up and anytime you want to get together with your girls (and guys) for a glow! Guests receive a discounted tan at $55 and Hosts receive a FREE tan! A minimum of 4 guests are required. 

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