Candi VandiZandi

Candi has always had a passion for health and wellness. In both her careers as a massage therapist and GM of a juice company she has tried to bridge the gap between looking and feeling your best! Being able to provide an organic, vegan product to clients while also educating them on how to take care of themselves is her #1 focus and she's excited to bring you Faux Tanning.

Ali White

Ali spent most of her life in sunny Florida where maintaining a tan was pretty important to her. She started spray tanning weekly in college and was hooked ever since! Even though she is still the same Florida girl who loves to have a tan, she now focuses more on her skin, staying youthful, and using quality products. 

"What I felt like I was missing all those early years of spray tanning was the education. Why was my spray even sometimes and not others? Why did I turn orange? Why do I look spotty and why does my tan last a shorter amount of time than my friends? This is what makes me passionate about our company."

We will bring you a wonderful glow and not keep you wondering about how to take care of it.